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Local News Archives for 2023-09

The Young Wolverines

Indie and Big Al talked with Sunny from the Young Wolverines about their pork butt fundraiser.


What to Watch This Week September 25th

A few of the highlights from this week across platforms.

Lord Zedd returns with more power than ever before! Cosmic Fury find help in the cosmos to battle the emperor of evil…and hopefully save the universe in Power Rangers: Cosmic Fury! Streaming on Netflix beginning September 29th!

Mickey and friends celebrate Halloween in this stop motion special on Disney Plus! Follow along as Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Daisy and Goofy go trick or treating …but Donald notices what looks like a haunted mansion! He convinces his friends to find out what’s inside. Find out of Witch Hazel scares them away in Mickey and Friends Trick or Treats streaming on Disney Plus beginning October 2nd!

A meteor crashes into Adventure City and gives your favorite, helpful pups big superpowers! Chase, Rubbel, Sky, Marshal, and Rocky transform into The Mighty Pups in Paw Patrol: The Mighty Movie! Available in theaters September 28th

Here's the full list of what's new to watch this week at home and in theaters.


September 26th

Who Killed Jill Dando? (UK) *NETFLIX DOCUMENTARY

September 27th



Street Flow 2 (FR) *NETFLIX FILM

September 28th

Castlevania: Nocturne *NETFLIX SERIES

Love is in the Air (AU) *NETFLIX FILM

The Darkness within La Luz del Mundo (MX) *NETFLIX DOCUMENTARY

September 29th


Do Not Disturb (TR) *NETFLIX FILM

Love Is Blind: Season 5 *NETFLIX SERIES (new episodes)


Power Rangers Cosmic Fury *NETFLIX FAMILY

 October 1st

60 Days In (Season 4) – Reality series

Blessers (2019) – South African comedy

Django (Season 1) 

October 2nd

Strawberry Shortcake and the Beast of Berry Bog (2023) 


September 27th

Love in Fairhope: Complete Season 1 *Hulu Original

September 28th

The Kardashians: Season 4 Premiere *Hulu Original

October 2nd

Appendage: Film Premiere (Hulu Original)

Fright Krewe: Complete Season 1 (Hulu Original)


September 26th

The Fake Sheikh (2023) *Prime Video Original Series

September 29th

Gen V (2023) *Prime Video Original Series

HBO Max:

September 26th

Chopped: Volume 3 (Food Network)

Savior Complex (HBO Original) 

September 27th

Crimes Gone Viral, Season 3 (ID) 

September 28th

Starstruck, Season 3 (Max Original)

The Ghost Town Terror, Season 2 (Travel Channel) 

September 29th

Who’s Talking To Chris Wallace?, Season 4 (CNN) 

September 30th

Hot Dish With Franco (Food Network)

October 1st

Meg 2: The Trench 



September 27th

Pupstruction: Season 1 (S1, 6 episodes) 

Star Wars: Ahsoka: Episode 7 *Disney+ Original

To Catch a Smuggler (S5, 8 episodes)

September 29th

Disney’s Launchpad (Season 2 – New Shorts Streaming) *Disney+ Original

  • Beautiful, FL

  • Black Belts

  • Maxine

  • Project CC

  • The Ghost

  • The Roof

October 1st

Toy Story Funday Football 

October 2nd

Mickey and Friends Trick or Treats

Theaters: Saw X, Paw Patrol: The Mighty Movie, The Kill Room, 57 Seconds, Invisible Beauty, Warrior Strong, Dumb Money

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Week of September 22nd

These are the top 10 songs this week on Magic 95. See all the music videos and tell us your top 5 favorites below.

#10 Miley Cyrus "Used to Be Young"

#9 Miguel "Sure Thing"

#8 Dua Lipa "Dance the Night Away"

#7 Olivia Rodrigo "Vampire"

#6 SZA "Snooze"

#5 Dominic Fike "Mona Lisa"

#4 Taylor Swift "Cruel Summer"

#3 Luke Combs "Fast Car"

#2 Rema & Selena Gomez "Calm Down"

#1 David Guetta f/Anne-Marie & Coi Leray "Baby Don't Hurt Me"


What to Watch This Week September 18th

Here’s what’s new to watch this week at home and in theaters.


September 19th

Kountry Wayne: A Woman’s Prayer *NETFLIX COMEDY

The Saint of Second Chances *NETFLIX DOCUMENTARY

September 20th


New Amsterdam: Season 5

September 21st

Kengan Ashura: Season 2 (JP) *NETFLIX ANIME

Scissor Seven: Season 4 (CN) *NETFLIX SERIES

Sex Education: Season 4 (UK) *NETFLIX SERIES

September 22nd

How To Deal With a Heartbreak (PE) *NETFLIX FILM

Love Is Blind: Season 5 *NETFLIX SERIES

Spy Kids: Armageddon *NETFLIX FAMILY

The Black Book (NG) *NETFLIX FILM

September 25th

Little Baby Bum: Music Time *NETFLIX FAMILY


September 20th

I Can See Your Voice: Season 3 Premiere (Fox)

Name That Tune: Season 3 Premiere (Fox)

September 21st

FX’s American Horror Story: Delicate: Part 1 Premiere (FX)

September 22nd

iHeartRadio Music Festival: Livestream *Only on Hulu

No One Will Save You: Film Premiere *Hulu Original

September 23rd

iHeartRadio Music Festival: Livestream *Only on Hulu

September 25th

Krapopolis: Series Premiere (Fox)


September 19th

A Thousand and One (2023)

September 22nd      

Cassandro (2023) *Prime Video Original Movie

Guy Ritchie’s The Covenant (2023)

HBO Max:

September 21st

Blippi Wonders, Season 3

Expedition X, Season 4A (Discovery Channel)

Young Love (Max Original) 

September 22nd

Ed Stafford: First Man Out, Seasons 1-2 (Discovery Channel)

Guy’s All-American Road Trip, Season 2 (Food Network)

Marooned with Ed Stafford (Discovery Channel)

Naked and Marooned with Ed Stafford (Discovery Channel)

Nancy Drew, Season 4 (The CW) 

September 24th

Outrageous Pumpkins, Season 4 (Food Network) 

September 25th

American Masters: Marilyn Monroe: Still Life (PBS)

Halloween Cookie Challenge, Season 2 (Food Network)

Kids Baking Championship: Bloodcurdling Bakes (Food Network) 


September 20th

Marvel Studios’ Assembled: The Making of Secret Invasion: Premiere *Disney+ Original

PJ Masks: Power Heroes (S1, 5 episodes)

Star Wars: Ahsoka: Episode 6 *Disney+ Original

The Ghost and Molly McGee (S2, 4 episodes)


September 19th

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1987) (Seasons 1-2)

September 20th

Average Joe (Season 1)

Ice Airport Alaska (Seasons 2-3)

It’s Pony (Season 2)


September 21st

U.S. Women’s Soccer v. Sudafrica (Spanish) 

September 21st –24th

Korn Ferry Tour Nationwide Children’s Hospital Championship  

September 22nd –24th

PGA TOUR Champions – PURE Insurance Championship 

Solheim Cup 

September 23rd

Big Ten College Football 

Liga MX – Chivas vs. Pachuca 

Notre Dame Football v. Ohio State 

SuperMX – SuperMotorcross World Championship Final – Los Angeles 

September 23rd –24th

Premier League Match Week 6 

September 24th

Sunday Night Football – Pittsburgh Steelers vs. Las Vegas Raiders (English and Spanish) 

U.S. Women’s Soccer v. South Africa (Spanish) 

Theaters: It Lives Inside, LA Undercover, Expend4bles

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Trending Halloween Costumes

Halloween is just around the corner! Have you googled what great Halloween costumes are trending? No? I got worries. 
According to scientific research (Me and my laptop) here's what I've found for 2023 Halloween: 
Couples Costume
1. Barbie and Ken
2. Pinochio and Jiminy Cricket
3. Ariel and Prince Eric from The Little Mermaid
4. Rihanna and her performer from the super bowl halftime show
5. Mario and Luigi
Group Costume:
1. Iconic Movie Villians (Jason, Freddy, Ghostface...)
2. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
3. Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach, Toad, Bowser)
4. Trolls
5. Rhianna and MORE performers from the Super Bowl


Single Costume:

1. Ariel from Little Mermaid

2. Wednesday Adams

3. Maddy from Euphoria

4. Ted Lasso

5. John Dutton or Rip from Yellowstone

6. Among Us

Week of September 15th

These are the top 10 songs this week on Magic 95. See all the music videos and tell us your top 5 favorites below.

#10 Rema & Selena Gomez "Calm Down"

#9 Olivia Rodrigo "Vampire"

#8 Taylor Swift "Cruel Summer"

#7 Miguel "Sure Thing"

#6 Luke Combs "Fast Car"

#5 Fifty Fifty "Cupid"

#4 Dominic Fike "Mona Lisa"

#3 SZA "Snooze"

#2 Dua Lipa "Dance the Night Away"

#1 David Guetta f/Anne-Marie & Coi Leray "Baby Don't Hurt Me"


What to Watch This Week September 12th

At home and in theaters, here's what's new to watch this week.


September 12th

Glow Up: Season 5 (UK) *NETFLIX SERIES

Michelle Wolf: It’s Great to Be Here *NETFLIX COMEDY

The Wolf of Wall Street

September 13th


Freestyle (PL) *NETFLIX FILM


September 14th

Barbie – A Touch of Magic: Season 1

Ehrengard: The Art of Seduction (DK) *NETFLIX FILM

Once Upon a Crime (JP) *NETFLIX FILM

Thursday’s Widows (MX) *NETFLIX SERIES

September 15th

Ancient Aliens: Seasons 6-7

Band of Brothers


Inside the World’s Toughest Prisons: Season 7 (UK) *NETFLIX DOCUMENTARY

Intervention: Season 22

Love at First Sight *NETFLIX FILM

Miseducation (MX) *NETFLIX SERIES

Surviving Summer: Season 2 (AU) *NETFLIX SERIES

The Club: Part 2 (TR) *NETFLIX SERIES

The Pacific

Wipeout: Part 1

September 16th

My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2

September 18th

My Little Pony: Make Your Mark: Chapter 5 *NETFLIX FAMILY


September 13th

FX’s Welcome to Wrexham: Season 2 Premiere (FX Productions)

The Other Black Girl: Complete Season 1 *Hulu Original

The Magic Flute | 2022

September 14th

Dragons: The Nine Realms: Complete Season 7 *Hulu Original

Court Cam: Complete Season 5 (A&E)

Girl in the Closet (A&E)

Montecito: Dance Wives of California: Complete Season 1 (A&E)

Phrogging: Hider in My House: Complete Season 1 (A&E)

Top Shot: Complete Seasons 1-2 (A&E)

September 15th

Robots | 2023


September 12th

Inside (2023)

Kelce (2023) *Prime Video Original Movie

September 14th

Thursday Night Football (2023) *Prime Video Original Series

September 15th

A Million Miles Away (2023) *Prime Video Original Movie

Wilderness (2023) *Prime Video Original Series

Written in the Stars (2023) *Prime Video Original Series

September 18th

Neighbours: A New Chapter (2023) (Freevee) *Freevee Original Series

StarDog and TurboCat (2019) (Freevee)

HBO Max:

September 13th

Donyale Luna: Supermodel (HBO Original)

Halloween Cake-Off (Food Network)

Halloween Cookie Challenge (Food Network)

Halloween Wars, Season 1-12 (Food Network)

Outrageous Pumpkins, Seasons 1-3 (Food Network) 

September 14th

No Demo Reno, Season 3 (HGTV) 

September 15th

Teen Titans Go!, Season 8C (Cartoon Network)

WB 100th Behind The Shield 

September 16th

Batwheels, Season 1G (Cartoon Network)

Gold Rush: Mine Rescue with Freddy & Juan, Season 1B (Discovery Channel) 

September 17th

Building Roots (HGTV)

Halloween Wars, Season 13 (Food Network) 

September 18th

Chico Virtual (2023)

Double Cultura (2023)

El Carrito (2023)

Keep/Delete (2023)

La Macana (2023)

Thank You, Have A Nice Day (Short, 2023)

Un Pequeño Corte (2023)


September 13th

Animals Up Close with Bertie Gregory: Premiere – All Episodes Streaming *Disney+ Original

Marvel’s Spidey and his Amazing Friends (S2, 7 episodes)

Marvel Studios’ Assembled: The Making of the Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3: Premiere *Disney+ Original

Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir (S5, 7 episodes)

Raven’s Home (S6, 4 episodes)

Star Wars: Ahsoka: Episode 5 *Disney+ Original

September 15th

Lang Lang Plays Disney: Premiere *Disney+ Original

Master & Apprentice: A Special Look at Ahsoka: Premiere *New to Disney+


September 12th

Football Must Go On premiere

September 13th

MTV Video Music Awards

America in Black (Season 1)

September 14th

Buddy Games (Season 1)**

September 17th

The Gold premiere

60 Minutes (Season 56)**

NFL ON CBS Week 2 Doubleheader (check local listings)

Apple TV:

September 13th

The Morning Show (Season 2) 


September 12th

U.S. Men’s Soccer v. Oman (Spanish) 

September 14th–17th

DP World Tour – BMW PGA Championship 

Korn Ferry Tour Simmons Bank Open for The Snedeker Foundation 

PGA TOUR – Tour Fortinet Championship  

September 15th–17th

PGA TOUR – Champions Sanford International   

September 16th

Big Ten College Football – Syracuse at Purdue  

Big Ten College Football – Washington at Michigan State 

Breeders’ Cup Challenge Series at Woodbine 

HBCU New York Classic – Morehouse College vs. Albany State   

Notre Dame Football v. Central Michigan 

SuperMX – SMX Playoff 2 – Chicago

September 16th–17th

Diamond League Track & Field – Eugene, OR 

IMSA – Indianapolis, IN  

USA Track & Field – Nike Prefontaine Classic/Diamond League Final  

September 16th–18th

Premier League Match Week 5 

September 17th

Sunday Night Football – Miami Dolphins vs. New England Patriots (English and Spanish) 

SuperMX – SuperMotocross Season Recap Show 

Theaters: Camp Hideout, A Haunting in Venice

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Week of September 8th

Here are the top 10 songs this week on Magic 95. See all the music videos and tell us your top 5 favorites below.

#10 Miguel "Sure Thing"

#9 SZA "Snooze"

#8 Taylor Swift "Cruel Summer"

#7 Rema & Selena Gomez "Calm Down"

#6 David Guetta & Anne Marie "Baby Don't Hurt Me"

#5 Dua Lipa "Dance the Night Away"

#4 Dominic Fike "Mona Lisa"

#3 Olivia Rodrigo "Vampire"

#2 Fifty Fifty "Cupid"

#1 Luke Combs "Fast Car"


What to Watch This Week September 5th

Here's what's new to watch this week at home and in theaters.


September 5th

Shane Gillis: Beautiful Dogs *NETFLIX COMEDY

September 6th

6ixtynin9 The Series (TH) *NETFLIX SERIES



Reporting For Duty (BR) *NETFLIX SERIES

Scout’s Honor: The Secret Files of the Boy Scouts of America *NETFLIX DOCUMENTARY

Tahir’s House (SA) *NETFLIX SERIES

September 7th



Kung Fu Panda: The Dragon Knight: Season 3 *NETFLIX FAMILY

Top Boy: Season 3 (UK) *NETFLIX SERIES

Virgin River: Season 5 *NETFLIX SERIES


September 8th

A Time Called You (KR) *NETFLIX SERIES


Pokémon: To be a Pokémon Master: Ultimate Journeys: The Series: Part 1 (JP) *NETFLIX FAMILY


Selling The OC: Season 2 *NETFLIX SERIES



September 6th

Never Let Him Go: Complete Docuseries *Hulu Original


September 5th

One Shot: Overtime Elite (2023) *Prime Video Original Series

September 8th

Sitting in Bars with Cake (2023) *Prime Video Original Movie

HBO Max:

September 5th

My Big Fat Fabulous Life, Season 11 (TLC)

See It Loud: The History of Black Television (CNN)

Welcome To Plathville, Season 5 (TLC) 

September 6th

Crime Scene Confidential, Season 2 (ID)

September 7th

Devil’s Road: The True Story of Ed and Lorraine Warren (Travel Channel)

Does Murder Sleep? (ID)

Ghost Adventures: Horror at Joe Exotic Zoo (Travel Channel)

Ghost Brothers, Seasons 1-2 (Travel Channel)

Ghost Loop, Season 1 (Travel Channel)

Halloween Baking Championship, Seasons 1-8 (Food Network)

Haunting in the Heartland, Season 1 (Travel Channel)

Kids Halloween Baking Championship (Food Network)

Most Terrifying Places in America, 2 Seasons (Travel Channel)

Most Terrifying with Jason Hawes, Season 1 (Travel Channel)

My Horror Story, Season 1 (Travel Channel)

The Dead Files, Season 15B (Travel Channel) 

September 8th

Tiny Toons Looniversity, Season 1 (Cartoon Network)

September 9th

Ambient Swim, Season 2 (Adult Swim) 

September 10th

FLCL: Grunge, Season 4 (Adult Swim)

Love & Marriage: Detroit (OWN)

Unsellable Houses, Season 4 (HGTV) 

September 11th

Halloween Baking Championship, Season 9 (Food Network)

The Faking Dead 


September 5th

All Wet

Trolley Troubles

September 6th

9/11: One Day in America (S1, 6 episodes)

I Am Groot (Season 2): Premiere – All Shorts Streaming *Disney+ Original

Star Wars: Ahsoka: Episode 4 *Disney+ Original

The Little Mermaid

September 8th

2000s Greatest Tragedies (special)

Bin Laden’s Hard Drive (special)

Bone Trouble

George W. Bush: The 9-11 Interview (special)


Mickey’s Kangaroo

Playful Pluto

Pluto, Junior

The Barn Dance


September 7th

Star Trek: Lower Decks (Season 4) premiere

September 8th

Dreaming Whilst Black premiere*

September 6th

RENO 911! (Season 7)

The Naked Brothers Band (Seasons 1-3)

September 7th

NFL Slimetime (Season 3)

September 9th

Big Ten on CBS – UNLV @ Michigan 

College Football on CBS – UCLA @ San Diego State

NWSL Challenge Cup Final

September 10th

NFL ON CBS Week 1 Doubleheader (check local listings) 

Apple TV:

September 8th

The Changeling


September 7th

2023 NFL Kickoff Game – Detroit Lions vs. Kansas City Chiefs (English and Spanish) 

Theaters: The Nun II, Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe, My Big Fat Greek Wedding 3

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Live with Indie and Big Al

Indie and Big Al talked to Kat and Spike from Nothing Bundt Cake about their first birthday celebration on Saturday and the upcoming Lemonade For A Cause! Check it Out.


Week of September 1st

These are the top 10 songs this week on Magic 95. See all the music videos and tell us your top 5 favorites below.

#10 Rema & Selena Gomez "Calm Down"

#9 Olivia Rodrigo "Vampire"

#8 SZA "Snooze"

#7 Luke Combs "Fast Car"

#6 Morgan Wallen "Last Night"

#5 Miguel "Sure Thing"

#4 Taylor Swift "Cruel Summer"

#3 Miley Cyrus "Jaded"

#2 Dua Lipa "Dance the Night Away"

#1 Fifty Fifty "Cupid"




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Morning Show

Today Indie and Big Al talked to Dan Tibbs about the film Wisher Maddox.


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